Electric Pasta machine Sfoglia Mia


Homemade pasta has never been so easy to do!

Sfoglia Mia, G3Ferrari’s newest pasta machine, will allow you to make five different types of fresh pasta: lasagna Bolognese, tagliatelle with mushrooms, spaghetti with tomato sauce or reginette and fettucine with fish.

You only need two interchangeable accessories which are so tiny you won’t require much space in the kitchen.

You can use Sfoglia Mia with manual or automatic function: if you wish to make pasta as Italian grandmothers did you just need to place the crank handle, adjust the rollers’ thickness and roll pasta out.

If you want to make pasta as a chef, effortlessly and quickly, you can use the motor: its 2 speed levels and pulse function will halve the preparation time.

Thanks to the fixing clamp you can use Sfoglia Mia on every plain surface; aluminum rolls and stainless steel housing are a guarantee for durability and food contact compliance, moreover washing them is really easy.

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Electric Pasta machine Sfoglia Mia