“We do not only service brands. We are the brand for service”

This is how Domoserve started in 2009, earning a great reputation in being resourceful, dependable, and credible… Domoserve has been perceived from the early start as a trustworthy partner to both retailers and end users.

Domoserve, having proved to bring value and positive distinction both to the relationship with retailers and end users, became an attractive candidate to represent successful international brands in the demanding and competitive Lebanese market. Being the brand for service, Domoserve has the know-how to promote and support advanced appliances categories. We do not see ourselves selling products. We only import and promote products we feel happy to offer, and confident to support.
In 2014, Domoserve has become the exclusive agent of G3Ferrari, an Italian brand with great appliances and long heritage since 1970. Domoserve is also the agent for renowned brands such as Itimat, Girmi, Westmark, GoodWill Safes, Carillo and LotusGrill.
we have been growing with confidence thanks to our dedicated passionate team, and careful choice of partnerships both internationally and locally. Despite all the economic crisis and challenges, we keep faith in moving forward. Oscar Wilde’s famous quote applies very much to us: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” …